Payment & Delivery Information

Payment & Delivery Information

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Any order made within award - enforcement work,
the delegation plans' modification of models project a separate work
with any time-frame independent of the manufacturing operations, labeling, printing etc.

where both parties are obliged to fulfill certain conditions.



The customer may request Cost Estimation - proforma invoice for the order.

Product prices do not include VAT 

not amenable to reductions for bookings over third or other external factors.

and of transport or installation costs



The order is executed within an agreed time .vasei type, availability of materials and
manufacturers of time and additional finishing work time

Delays in justified cases

1. modify the order after the initial assignment, change of plans, etc.

2. delay in delivery of raw materials from suppliers, involving

3.provlimata technical (machine / the lesions etc.)



1.Metritois the company's headquarters

2. By deposit in one of the bank accounts

 (sent the full order validation data attached
to your pricing to email / sms or completion you prangelias on site)



designated the seat of the seller Enterprises / ing   : ANDROUTSOU 99 PIRAEUS

            business hours:  Monday - Friday 10:00 to 19:00

                                                                             Saturday 11:00 to 15:00 (except August)



DELIVERY AT CUSTOMER is possible if there is an agreed

and costed transport or placement.


Personalized items are not to be served by way of dispatch by cash on delivery.